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Experiencing a Breakdown or Accident?

Breakdown or Accident Assistance 24-Hour Toll Free (powered by Kurnia Auto Assist) : 1 800 88 6333 (24 Hours, Daily)

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Want to Make a Claim or For Any Other General Enquiries?

Contact Centre: 1 800 88 6333 (8.30am – 5.30pm, Mon – Thurs. 8.30am - 4.15pm, Fri)

Official WhatsApp (Service notifications only): +6012-266 3288

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Feedback and Complaint Management Process 

We are committed to resolve your feedback or complaint as efficiently and equitably as possible. To help us expedite a resolution, please provide us with details of your feedback or complaint.

Step 1: Feedback / Complaint Details You may submit your feedback via our online form.

Step 2: Acknowledgement of Feedback / Complaint Your feedback or complaint will be acknowledged within one business day upon receipt.

Step 3: Resolution Upon receipt of your complaint, we shall respond within 14 days. 

However if the complaint requires further investigation, you will be notified of the extended timeframe within which a decision can be made or progress updates can be given. Where a decision cannot be made within 30 days, a progress update will be given on a monthly basis until the issue is resolved. 

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