AmDrive Plus

24 hours coverage with reliable auto assistance service

Motor accidents can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone. Eliminate your worries by protecting yourself through our AmDrive Plus Plan which offers great coverage against accidents.


Our 24-Hour Vehicle Breakdown Assistance and Towing Service within Malaysia includes:

  • Vehicle breakdown assistance and towing service up to 450km roundtrip is for an unlimited number of events
  • Unlimited toll charges
  • Changing of flat tyres
  • Replacing battery (if a new battery is required, this will be at Insured/driver’s expense)
  • Jump starting of Named Vehicle’s engine


Private vehicle owners aged 17 years and above.

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Key features

  • Comprehensive coverage for less than RM0.25 per day
  • 24 hours vehicle breakdown assistance and towing services within Malaysia including unlimited toll charges
  • Children enjoy the same limit as adult on applicable benefits
  • Double indemnity during a National Public Holiday in Malaysia
  • Compassionate Flood Expenses
  • 24 hours worldwide cover on Accidental Death, Permanent Disablement and Medical Expenses benefits for Policyholder