auto365 Comprehensive Premier

Motor Insurance so comprehensive, you will not need anything else!

auto365 Comprehensive Premier provides the ultimate protection in motor insurance. It is the only policy that gives you extended coverage against the convulsions of nature and also provides you with value added benefits to limit any impact on your current lifestyle.

Its all-risk feature makes this the perfect cover for those who own newer cars and want to protect their most prized asset.

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Key features

  • Loss or damage to your vehicle due to accidental damage including accidental collision, overturning or impact damage
  • Loss or damage to your vehicle due to fire, explosion or lighting, malicious act, burglary, theft or attempt theft
  • Bodily injury, death or damage to property caused to any other persons (third party)
  • Towing assistance within Malaysia up to 365km/roundtrip per anyone incident within Malaysia including unlimited toll charges.
  • All drivers are insured with no additional cost and you are not required to name them.
  • Covers loss or damage of vehicle up to 20% / 30% / 40% or 50% of sum insured caused by flood, typhoon, landslide or any other convulsions of nature.
  • Compassionate allowance for loss of vehicle (CALV)
  • Three (3) years warranty for workmanship on repairs by our approved panel repairer
  • Optional: Cover for windscreens, windows or sunroof
  • Optional: Legal liability to passenger(s)
  • Optional: Separate cover for accessories fixed to your vehicle
  • Optional: Compensation for assessed repair time (CART)
  • Optional: Legal liability of passengers for negligent acts
  • Optional: Strike, riot and civil commotion
  • Optional: Extension of cover for ferry transit to and/or from Sabah and the Federal Territory of Labuan
  • Optional: Extension of cover to the Kingdom of Thailand
  • Optional: Extension of cover to West Kalimantan
  • Optional: Cover for gas conversion kit and tank
  • Optional: Cover for caravan/luggage/boat trailer
  • Optional: Reliability trials, competitions etc.
  • Optional: Reliability trials, competitions etc. (Third party cover only)