Alert: Industry’s Customer Satisfaction Index Survey

Nielsen Malaysia to conduct survey from 28 May to 7 September 2018

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) had reviewed the insurance industry’s clients’ charters and advised that the industry establish processes to measure services against the published charters for long-term benefits.
In order to measure the customer service levels in the industry based on the Customer Service Charter (CSC), the industry has engaged Nielsen Malaysia to conduct a survey. The survey will be ongoing from 28 May to 7 September 2018.
Should you be approached for this survey (through a 15-minute phone interview), we would appreciate your participation to help us improve our customer service levels, to better serve you in the future. 
In case of any doubt or if you wish to re-confirm this survey, kindly do call our customer service number at 1 300 80 3030.
Thank you.

To view the CSC, please click here.

To view the FAQ on the CSC, please click here.