FAQ: Industry's Customer Satisfaction Index Survey

Nielsen Malaysia to conduct survey from 21 May 2018 to 7 September 2018

1. Why did Nielsen call me? 

Nielsen was engaged to conduct an industry-level Customer Satisfaction Index survey on customer service. You were contacted to provide your valuable opinion on your experience as a customer with us.

2. How did Nielsen get my name and phone number? 

  • Your name and phone number were provided by us to Nielsen.
  • Your contact details are crucial in enabling Nielsen to conduct the Customer Satisfaction Index survey.


3. Why are you sharing my contact details with Nielsen? 

We are sharing your contact details because Nielsen was jointly engaged by the three industry associations (namely Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia, Life Insurance Association of Malaysia and Malaysian Takaful Association) to conduct an industry-level Customer Satisfaction Index survey.


4. I have selected not to receive any marketing calls. Why did I receive this call? 

  • The do-not-call option applies to calls made for marketing products. 
  • Nielsen is calling for an industry-level Customer Satisfaction Index survey and we are not marketing any products.


5. Is my information private or confidential? Am I protected by PDPA?

Yes. We wish to assure you that we are governed by the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 of Malaysia. The use of personal data is specified in our Company's Privacy Notice which can be viewed at our website. 

In addition, we are bound by the Code of Practice on Personal Data Protection for the Insurance and Takaful Industry in Malaysia, which has been registered by the Personal Data Protection Commissioner, Malaysia under Section 23 (3) of The Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

We are committed to keeping your information private and confidential as your privacy is important to us. 
Our customer’s data are stored securely.


6. What kind of information did you provide to Nielsen?
For the purpose of the Customer Satisfaction Index survey, the following policyholder data were provided to Nielsen:

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Contact Number(s)
  • E-mail


7. Can Nielsen be trusted?

Yes. Nielsen is a reputable international market research firm which specialises in consumer research. All interviewers sign a work contract that contained a Confidentiality clause. All full-time employees of Nielsen undergo certifications on areas like Code of Conduct and Protecting Client Information.


8. What is the purpose of the survey? 

The Customer Satisfaction Index survey is conducted to assess the performance of insurers against customers’ expectation within the measurement of the Customer Service Charter. 
Your input will help our company to understand specific areas that need improvement so that you will enjoy a more efficient and effective service in the near future.


9. Where can I view the Customer Service Charter? 

You may find the Customer Service Charter here.


10. Can I check the legitimacy of the survey? 

Kindly click here for more information.


11. How do I find more information about the survey? 
Kindly click here for more information.


12. What will you do with the survey results? 

The Customer Satisfaction Index survey results will be analysed and compared against international standards to establish the performance of our company and be used to improve our performance. The Customer Satisfaction Index Survey report will then be published in mainstream newspapers and our website. We will utilise the findings from the survey to further improve our service level.


13. Do I have to answer the survey?
No, it is not compulsory to answer the survey.


14. Will I be contacted again? 

  • No. 
  • Whether you have participated in the Customer Satisfaction Index survey or declined to participate, you will not receive any follow-up calls on the matter.


15. I read about the survey on your website, but I never received a call.

The respondents are selected based on their recent experience with us. You may receive a call on the survey within the survey period of 28 May 2018 to 7 September 2018.