M&E 365

M&E 365 offers smart operational solutions that provide coverage for machineries and equipment including office equipment and industrial machineries against loss or damage by accident or misfortune whilst kept and/or used within situation of risks. With this complete All Risks protection, we’ll take the heat off you!


Key Features

(i) Expediting Expenses

  • Extra expenses for overtime, express freight, custom duties and the like, to expedite reinstatement of Insured’s property
  • 5% of loss payable or RM5,000, whichever is lower

(ii) Inconvenience Benefit due to Fire and/or Flood

  • A benefit payable immediately when the Fire and/or Flood claim is expected to exceed RM20,000
  • RM5,000 per occurrence and in aggregate

(iii) Temporary Repair and Protection Cost

  • For temporary repair or protection of insured property
  • 5% of loss payable or RM5,000, whichever is lower


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Liberty General Insurance Berhad is a member of Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM). PIDM protects the benefit(s) payable under the eligible policy up to protection limits. Please refer to PIDM's TIPS Brochure or PIDM's Website, or contact our customer service.