Private Hire Car (e-Hailing)

The smarter, essential coverage all e-Hailing drivers need!

If you provide e-Hailing services for companies like Grab, DIFF, MULA and MyCar, it's essential for you to be covered.

Did you know that a basic car insurance coverage does not give you the necessary cover when you are providing e-Hailing service? When your car gets into an accident in the course of being used for “hire or reward”, you run the risk of not being covered.

AmAssurance's Private Hire Car (e-Hailing) Endorsement will give you the coverage you need. This add-on will complement your basic car insurance policy, giving you solid protection that will protect you, your vehicle and your passengers.

For Grab Drivers, a daily Grab e-Hailing insurance coverage is also available. For more information, please click  here.


  • Coverage for loss or damage to your own car when the car is on call
  • Coverage for liability to third parties when the car is on call
  • Compensation towards you or your authorised e-Hailing driver’s liability to any fare-paying passengers being carried in or upon or entering or getting into or onto or alighting from the car
  • Compensation for any accident to a third party which is caused by a passenger of your car during his/her ride as a fare-paying passenger in your car
  • Compensation for bodily injury sustained by the authorised e-Hailing driver only when on call



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