Six Reasons to Be Part of Malaysia’s Leading General Insurance Company.

If you’re looking to get into the vibrant, exciting and rewarding insurance industry, then why not start right at the top? Here are just a few reasons to be part of the largest and fastest-growing general insurer in Malaysia.

We’re Here to Serve You

With a network of over 30 branches throughout Malaysia, we can deliver outstanding service to our agents and business partners to ensure everyone wins, every time.

We’re Technology Savvy

Our continuous investment in Information Technology means the Company and you, the agents, have access to cutting-edge technology to help make things easier, faster and smoother for you.

We’re Happy to Share

As an agent, you’re given the opportunity to share in the Company’s profits through profit commission, subject to conditions and regulations, of course. It’s just to make sure you’re not just helping others live better, but improving your standing in life as well.

We’re a Household Name

Kurnia Insurans is a well-known brand name, and as we continuously invest in image building and promotional activities, the awareness and recognition of the brand will make it an easier sell to potential customers.

We’re First in Assistance

Our breakdown Services (powered by Kurnia Auto Assist) is the first motor vehicle breakdown and accident assistance service in Malaysia that’s managed in-house by an insurance company. Which means we get to control the level of service quality and delivery, and customers get the assistance they deserve in times of need.

We’re Big on Recognition

There’s nothing like making our agents feel wanted. That’s why we hold an annual Agency Convention & Awards Presentation to recognise, reward and show our appreciation to the people who drive our business forward; YOU.

Now that you know WHY, find out HOW you can be a part of the AmAssurance Agency Force.