MCO Express – Fast Track OD Claim


​During the MCO, we understand that making a claim after an unfortunate accident is difficult as your movement is restricted. Let us help you! To help make it easier for you to claim for Own Damage, we introduced the MCO Express until 31st May 2020 to expedite the claims process.

These are the steps that you can take should anything unfortunate; like an accident were to happen.  


If you meet in an accident your first step should be to lodge a police report within 24 hours of the accident.

Contact Us

After lodging the report, you can contact us via any of the channels listed below to start your claim process. 

  • Call us within 48hours at 1800-88-6333 
  • Email us at
  • Whatsapp us at +6012 259 4190


The claim will be processed and you will be contacted within 2  business hours.


Please acknowledge the discharge voucher and your payment will be remitted to you via e-payment.

For a better appreciation of the damages and to ease the assessment, please take note of the photo requirement as below:

  1. 4 General Views (45-degree angle view)

  2. Odometer reading

  3. VIN / Chassis No

    vin num

  4. Engine No

  5. Road tax sticker

  6. Tiny damage or small item damage will need a zoom in or close up image

Please refer to the FAQ below for more info and kindly contact our Claims Centre at 1800-88-6333 (Mon-Fri | 8.45am – 3.00pm) should you have any inquiries on the above.

*Terms & Conditions Apply


1) What is MCO Express Claims?

Immediate settlement until 31st May 2020 for Own Damage Claims, that offer a faster, easier, more efficient and convenient way to make a motor repair claim.

2) Who can make an MCO Express Claims?

Only valid for private car comprehensive motor insurance policyholder.

3) Can a claim be submitted after business hours, over the weekend or Public Holiday?

Yes, a claim can be submitted but will be attended within the following 2 business hours.

4) When do I need to lodge a police report? 

Police report needs to be lodged within 24 hours after the accident.

5) What are the documents required to make the claim? 

You will need to send a copy of your driving license, police report and photos of your vehicle as per requirement.

6) What are the required photos? 

  • 4 General Views (45-degree angle view – front, back, side of the vehicle)
  • Odometer reading
  • VIN / Chassis No
  • Engine No
  • Road tax sticker

7) Is there any claim limit under MCO Express? 

Repair estimate up to RM10,000 for auto365 Comprehensive Premier policy and RM5,000 for Comprehensive policy. 

8) How do I determine if the estimated repair cost is below Rm10,000?

As long the vehicle is drivable and the damages are minimal, you may submit for a claim. In the event the cost of repair exceeds the tolerance, then you will be recommended to send the vehicle over to our nearest Panel repairer

9) Will the payment made directly to me?

Yes, the payment will be made directly to the insured via e-payment but insured will need to complete the IBGT form

10) Will submitting an express claim effect my NCB

Your vehicle’s NCD (No Claims Discount) will NOT be forfeited when it is deemed that an accident is not your fault. This needs to be supported with a police report

11) Do I need to lodge a police report?

Yes, it is a requirement to lodge police report within 24 hours

12) Can I notify the claim first and perform the express claim after MCO?

Yes, you can

13) Can I still bring the car to your office to make an express claim?

Yes, during our HQ and branches operational hour and as long the vehicle is drivable BUT it is not advisable to travel during the travel restriction period.

14) Who do I call should problem arises while submitting the claim myself?

Call our helpdesk line – 1800 88 6333