Provision of Flood Allowance Programme


Terms and Conditions

1. AmGeneral’s Provision of Flood Allowance Programme (“Programme”) shall commence from 11 February 2022 until 15 March 2022 (“Programme Period”), unless notified otherwise. AmGeneral Insurance Berhad (“AmGeneral”) reserves the right to withdraw the Programme at any time earlier at its own discretion.

2. AmGeneral will provide provision of flood allowance benefit comprising a one-time payment of Benefit Payout to the eligible named policyholders affected per incident.

3. The Benefit Payout is specified in the table below as an allowance to the named policyholder.


Flood Allowance Benefit Payout (RM)
Motor Comprehensive Cover 250
Motorcycle Comprehensive and Motorcycle Comprehensive Plus cover 50
Houseowners/Householder Insurance cover 250
Household Guard 250
Household Plus 250


4. The provision is given on the basis that fulfils the following criteria:

  • Recent catastrophic flooding incident occurred between 15 December 2021 and 15 January 2022.
  • Policy is active at time of incident.
  • Limited to one (1) occurrence in the period of insurance.


5. Policyholder will need to submit the following details for application process:

For Motor or Motorcycle policy:


For Houseowner/Householder, Household Guard or Household Plus policy:


6. Any cases received or outstanding after the Programme Period will not be processed.

7. The Benefit Payout is subject to availability of the AmGeneral CSR Fund of RM1million.

8. AmGeneral reserves the right to vary the Terms and Conditions of this Programme without any prior notice.

9. AmGeneral reserves the right on all matters relating to this Programme, whereby any amendments, alterations or decision made by AmGeneral shall be final and conclusive.

10. By participating in this Programme, you hereby give consent for your personal data and/or information to be processed in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”) 2010. You shall refer to our full Privacy Notice on or for further information.

11. In the event of any inconsistency between these Programme Terms and Conditions and any marketing or promotional materials relating to this Programme, these Programme Terms and Conditions shall prevail.